Products Range
For Federal Territory, Northern Punjab & Adjacent area's (KPK)

  • Pakola Creas Soda (Soft Drink)

  • SunCrest Orange (Soft Drink)

  • Apple Sidra (Soft Drink)

  • Bubble Up (Soft Drink)

  • Planet (Cocktail)

  • ABB-e-GUL

  • Pakola Ice Cream Soda Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Banana Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Chocolate Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Mango Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Kulfa Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Rose Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Strawberry Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Zafran Flavored Milk

  • Pakola Double Delight Milk

  • Pakola Cold Coffee

Latest News



Feb , 2016

Online Delivery Order Coming Soon on As-Samarat website.

Solen Brands

Feb , 2016

Turkish Brand such as: Biscolata, & Luppo are now available in Pakistan

Assamarat & Gul Bottlers (Pakola)

Feb , 2016

MD - Gul Bottlers (Pvt) Limited with MD - Assamarat at the distribution signing ceremony

Assamarat & Gul Bottlers (Pakola)

Feb , 2016

MD - Assamarat with the Head of Operations of Gul Bottlers at the distribution signing ceremony

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